10+ Coffee Wall Decoration

10+ Coffee Wall Decoration – For the past few years, cafés are sporadically everywhere. In the first years of the 2000s, cafes haven’t been this many. Now, cafes are very varied from the small up to big cafes. The café owners also compete to design their café as interesting as it can to attract the customers. The design of the café includes the exterior and interior in which the theme is presented and the furniture that support the theme.

In the interior and exterior design, all of the cafes now also designed with typography. This typography inarguably attracts the customers to come and furthermore they take a selfie. Here are some inspirations of wall decoration or typography in cafes.

coffee wall decor cgbyu

1. This takeaway picture obviously delivers a message to the customers that the coffee is able to be taken away. This design is functional as well as interesting as a media of a promotion.

coffee wall decor dnyhm

2. The second decoration of free wifi is also a good media of a promotion. By using this, the café owner can attract the customers to come.

coffee wall decor ksnehu

3. In the third decoration, it can be placed not necessarily in a café. This decoration can be put anywhere in the home except for bathroom or balcony, or garage. It is suitable for the living room, dining room, or kitchen.

coffee wall decor uawbvr

4. The fourth decoration is almost the same as the first design.  It has the same function to inform. However, this design has more improvisation

coffee wall decor uvyiig

5. The decoration of coffee and friends like this is very attractive to be placed in the café or even a dining room. This decoration has the message that delivers the warmth.

coffee wall decor veiiu

6. This sixth decoration is also a sweetener in a café. This decoration can be meant to deliver to the customers what kind of menu a café has.

coffee wall decor vubgit

7. The next decoration is also appropriate to decorate a café. This design is very interesting to be placed in the cafes’ window or door.

coffee wall decor vuibge

8. This eight design, besides in a café, it can be placed in the dining room or kitchen in the house. This design isn’t only a decoration but also motivation that can rise up the mood of people who see it.

coffee wall decor vuribu

9. The next decoration is specialized for the home. Why home? Because there is the word “wake up” that means to motivate the homeowner to start the day. This can be placed in the kitchen or dining room because they are the first place in which people first go when they wake up.

coffee wall decor yjvgb

10. The last decoration is also specialized for the home. Because there is word “family” so that this quote is meant to the family members. This decoration will be very beautiful to decorate the living room or dining room.

Those are some kinds of decoration related to coffee. Although these designs are mostly used in the cafes, it doesn’t necessarily to be like that though. Even the “takeaway coffee ” can be placed in your home kitchen and it will be so unique.  

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