10+ Coffee Table Ideas for Living Room

10+ Coffee Table Ideas for Living Room – Choosing the furniture is an enjoyable activity in a process of building a home. Moreover, the design of the furniture right now is getting more creative day by day. In this article, we will especially talk about the coffee table for the living room. The pretty and creative table will be presented below.

living room coffee table dgnys

1. The basic concept of this living room is actually vintage, but it has many touches of the modern nuance especially through the furniture and the decoration. The table itself is very unique with the octagonal shape. The most stunning aspect of this table is the iron frame that supports the table.

living room coffee table fhmyr

2. It is very obvious that the wall design in this living room is the industrial concept. However, the owner cleverly combines the industrial concept with classic design. The classic design is presented through the sofa set as well as its table.

living room coffee table fmnyr

3. It is for sure that the table in this living room is the first thing that catches our attention. It has a good, multifunctional, and vintage design. It is also very obvious that the sliding drawer here is the main character of this table.

living room coffee table ghcmj

4. This ceramic table has a quite similar design with the first coffee table in number one. However, it has a circle shaped-table. What makes them similar is the iron frame as the feet. This ceramic table will be nice for the balcony or garden.

living room coffee table hmdtw

5. With the vintage concept, this living room presents a simple living room with brown-toned nuance. The most obvious vintage concept is felt through the main furniture like sofa, rug, and the table. The table itself has a very simple and old design.

living room coffee table hmsty

6. If you are a kind of a person who tends to make the house doesn’t look too noisy, maybe you can apply the furniture option like this. In this living room, the tables are all in uniform.

living room coffee table myutd

7. Today the vintage design is on the spot again because people always try to search what’s unique. For example is this living room. Its table has an ellipse shape with a clear brown polished color.

living room coffee table ntukr

8. This roundtable has a simple design but is pretty and suits with the sofa. It is very important to consider the height of the table on the sofa. Therefore, we won’t make the living room looks uneven because of the wrong proportion choice.

living room coffee table sets rsgag

9. This living room also has a proportional size of the table. This table doesn’t too small but big enough. Yet, its shape that is a kind of ellipse, this makes the table looks rather slim.

living room coffee table tdbse

10. This table has very unique feet. This simple and unique table also has a quite dark color. Makes it easily noticed so people can see its uniqueness.

There are several things to consider when choosing a table for the living room. There are their size, height, design, and the material. A proportional table is very important for the living room, in order to avoid unbalanced look.

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