10+ Coastal Themed Wall Decorations

10+ Coastal Themed Wall Decorations – The coastal theme is commonly used in the hotel or café near the sea. Usually, the business owners want to stress the sea or beach nuance in their hotel or café. The coastal theme is common with the decoration of inanimate or animate sea figures like starfish, shells, or anything. Furthermore, the coastal decoration is commonly designed in blue color. However, the coastal theme can be used also for the house or certain room in the house. Let’s see how to decorate your wall with a coastal theme.

coastal wall art decor cbjsef

1. The first is animate sea object decorations. In this first decoration, the figures are shells and starfish and they are bulked together. The decoration color is made like how the figures are in reality. With the blue wall background, this decoration looks very nice.


coastal wall art decor gxebj

2. The second is the decoration of a beach in the living room. This decoration tells about the up view of a beach. This decoration is a kind of photo. This photo is dominated by the color of the blue sea and the white sand. This decoration makes the room looks more cheerful because the room theme is all grey.


coastal wall art decor hfxfg

3. The third decoration is colorful. This decoration made from metal with the figures of kelps, seahorse, and the fishes. This decoration of the kelp itself has the same color as in reality. However, the seahorse and the fishes are decorated in blue and orange.


coastal wall art decor jhcrt

4. In this fourth decoration, the photo is about sea water. This color has more stunning color than the room decoration itself. This photo is the only decoration and it is the main attention of this room.


coastal wall art decor jkcmj

5. Like the photo in number four, this room decoration is also the main attention of this room. It is also all the decoration and the furniture in this room are in white.


coastal wall art decor jvtcj

6. The sixth decoration is the seashell photograph. The room theme in this design is monochromatic and it is dominated with grey. While the photo itself is the center of the room because it is the only with bright colors.


coastal wall art decor jvycf

7. The seventh decoration is the printed graphic design. This graphic design is printed on canvas. This wall decoration also supports the room theme that is also blue nuance.


coastal wall art decor mhfgg

8. In the right wall decoration, this decoration is the printed photo on canvas. The decoration is about the houses near the beach. This decoration also looks stunning because the room is designed monochromatic.


coastal wall art decor vjthm

9. In the ninth room, the theme is all about the sea. The wall decorations are boat mirrors, the sea view, as well as handmade and the metal decoration.

coastal wall art decor vjtmc


10. In this last wall decoration, the wall decoration is the picture printed on the canvas. This decoration is harmonious with the light blue and white nuance of the room.

The sea-themed decoration as we saw above suits with soft colored room theme. It is because the sea themed decoration commonly has medium and the soft color tone.

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