10+ Cherub Wall Decorations

10+ Cherub Wall Decorations – A trick to make the wall or a decoration spot in a house feels alive is through using the animate or inanimate figure. The animated figures for examples are animal sculpture, plants figure, dolls, or even the characters. The decoration that has been so popular for so long is the sculpture, especially like the god and goddess figures. Here we specifically are going to give some examples of cherub figure for wall decoration.

cherub wall decor bstrh

1.  In this picture, there are four cherub figures. These cherub figures are placed parallel to each other. Although these cherub figures look the same in a glimpse, actually they have different detail. Four of them have a different ornament that they bring.

cherub wall decor fghwe

2. In the second picture, the cherub figures are made from the copper material. These cherub figures are used as the complement of the Christmas decoration. The color of these figures turns out stunning from the other decoration.

cherub wall decor fgjkj

3. In the third cherub figures, these figures are made from the ceramic. They are colored in white with the touch of the gold color.

cherub wall decor gcdhh

4. The cherub figures number four is the kind of wall decoration. These cherub figures seem made from the ceramic also, but its color painting looks matte. Their color is also not the bright white, but matte grey.

cherub wall decor hfgnf

5. In number five, we have the cherub figure that decorates the gate. The color of the cherub figure here is harmonious with the surface texture if the gate. This kind of decoration makes the gate doesn’t look plain.

cherub wall decor hyfgn

6. In number six, we again have the cherub figures for the wall decoration. These cherub figures are also made from the ceramics. These cherub figures are also painted in white with the ornaments they bring are painted in gold.

cherub wall decor rvthw

7. The next in number seven, the cherub figures have a matte grey color. Their color looks contrast but ideal for the wall. The wall itself is covered with blue wallpaper with the classic mood, it suits with the cherub figures that have classic mood also.

cherub wall decor ugjjg

8. In number eight, the cherub figures are made from the ceramics. These figures also kind of wall decoration. Their color is harmonious with the color of the wall.

cherub wall decor ujghij

9. In number nine, there are cherub figures that made from the copper. These cherub figures have stunning color but seem still suit for any wall color, especially with the theme of classic or vintage.

cherub wall decor yfhnb

10. The last is the cherub figures that are cupreous. Uniquely, these cherub decorations don’t come alone, but they are accompanied with the faucet and its pot. More uniquely, there is a plant inside the pot. These decorations are very aesthetic and attractive. They are nice to be placed on the terrace.

Cherub figures decoration reminds us of the decoration of Greek god and goddess sculptures. They have the same nuance, therefore, all of them suit for the classic home design or classic wallpaper. They are also beneficial for Christmas decorations.  


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