10+ Bringing the Nautical Feeling through the Bedroom Decorations

10+ Bringing the Nautical Feeling through the Bedroom Decorations –The image of the nautical decoration that easily imagined is the blue room decoration. The nautical decoration is generally used in the houses near the ocean. The most important of the nautical decoration is the decoration itself. Which means, even though the furniture has the classic or vintage style, the whole visual depends on the decoration. That’s why this post tries to talk to you what we need in the nautical bedroom design especially.

nautical bedroom furniture bgfgf

1.Like what we mentioned before, it’s okay even if the furniture has the vintage style like this. The most important is the decoration. And that’s what this bedroom tries to apply. The nautical concept is strengthened especially through the rug and the picture in the corner.

nautical bedroom furniture bghht

2. The focal point that tells the nautical theme in this bedroom is the anchor on the wall. Moreover, the strong blue nuance here tells clearly the bedroom theme. The ornament of orange avoids the bedroom from the monotonous look.

nautical bedroom furniture fbfds

3. The main character that represents the nautical theme in this bedroom is the blue decoration. Moreover, this bedroom puts some efforts in framing the natural vibe through the live plant, flowery patterns, and the rattan box.

nautical bedroom furniture fvdfa

4. So easy to tell that this little boy bedroom has a nautical theme. This clear sign is shown by the wallpaper and the blue dominations. Interestingly, the nautical theme is teamed up with the contemporary decoration like the flag above the bed.

nautical bedroom furniture gbgfs

5. The bedroom here tries to convince that the nautical theme doesn’t always come with the blue decorations. This bedroom meanwhile, breaks the mainstream by applying the green look.

nautical bedroom furniture gdfgf

6. The funny, young spirited nuance is delivered by the pirate theme in this bedroom. Every corner of this bedroom is dense of the pirate boat design. Even the furniture like the chair and the sofa are the typical furniture that we see in the pirate movies.

nautical bedroom furniture grreq

7. Cannot be denied that the designer of this room put all effort into creating the nautical decoration. The boat-shaped bed here is very unusual. Another attractive point is the banana tree decoration beside the bed.

nautical bedroom furniture gvdfd

8. It is the truth that the houses or cottages near the bed never waste what nature presents. And that is proven with the huge window that surrounds the room like seen in this bedroom.

nautical bedroom furniture nfgjg

9. The navy wall painting and the compass picture in the wall express the mature design while still being playful. The interesting shot comes from the yellow nuance that given on the bed cover and pillows.

nautical bedroom furniture vffdz

10. The wooden wall and the furniture create the organic nuance that is very relatable with the nautical theme. The organic feeling in this bedroom is also presented by the handler, mini table, and the magazine storage.

The nautical theme in a bedroom can be generated from several aspects. Those are the wall painting or decoration, the furniture shape, and the color that dominates. But, we can see from an example above that the nautical feeling can be achieved even not from the blue nuance.

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