10+ Bohemian Room Decor

10+ Bohemian Room Decor – The bohemian decoration is exceptionally beautiful. It is the representation of the combination of color, plants, wood, and the traditional arts. If you click on your internet browser, you will find so many bohemian or boho styles in everything like fashions, garden, kitchen, home, bedroom, etc. Now we will see some bohemian room decorations that will amaze your eyes.

Bohemian dining room decor aassd

1. This dining room has less space. However, the owner decorates it very well with the paintings on the wall. The plaited bamboo as the lamp handler is also a unique aspect. What makes this room is more interesting are the plants and the fur on the chair.

Bohemian dining room decor bbvvc

2. This room has a nuance of bohemian and folk. The monochrome paintings decorate the root partition. This room is dominated by monochrome and wooden furniture. The cushions on the sofa are very beautiful because they have different styles.

Bohemian dining room decor cccvv

3. The design of this dining room is very simple. Furthermore, this dining room points out the natural source for the lightings. The hanging lamp is also unique because it is very vintage.

Bohemian dining room decor ccvvb

4. This dining room design is very aesthetic because it has undone wooden wall, floor, and the ceilings. The undone decoration like this gives certain natural vibes. The decoration like the painting, shelf, and the hanging lamps are also simple yet very unique.

Bohemian dining room decor ffvvd

5. This bedroom really vibrates the bohemian vibes. It has a very colorful wall and the furniture. The key aspect of the bohemian look is colorful indeed. The crystal lamp for the bedroom can also make a room aesthetic.

Bohemian dining room decor kkjii

6. The bohemian atmosphere in this room is represented through the pink wall painting, and the cushions and sofa. If you want to decorate your house in order to look bohemian, another key is the painting on the wall.

Bohemian dining room decor llkkj

7. Artsy decoration never fails to decorate the wall. In this design, instead of using photos, the owner framed the pictures and the art products. Although this room has many decorations, it still looks simple because it is dominated by white color.

Bohemian dining room decor sssdd

8. There are many things interesting in this design. The first is the round mirror in the dining room. The second is the wooden dining furniture and the patterned chair. The third is the traditional cabinet and the decoration under it. Everything in this room looks ethnic and traditional.

Bohemian dining room decor ttggf

9. To make a minimalist room is not too simple, you can add some refreshment like plants. This room is actually very simple, however, it has several decorations that make it a bit cheerful like the paintings and photos.

Bohemian dining room decor zzxsa

10. A living room like this will never be boring. The sofa, table, and cushions have a bohemian pattern. The chair in the corner also has the traditional shape like the lamp table near the sofa. This room doesn’t look monotonous because it has a big plant in the corner.

Okay, those are some inspiration of bohemian room. A bohemian room is enhanced with the colorful patterns, the plants, as well as the unique decoration. You can find such unique decoration from the indie designers.

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