10+ Blue and Yellow as Wall Decoration

10+ Blue and Yellow as Wall Decoration – In decorating a home, we are allowed to contrast two colors. There is no rule that says we should decorate with only colors that have the same tone. Some people even combine multiple dominant colors to decorate a single room. As long as the colors can express the concept we address, actually it is okay. For example, is like what we are going to discuss here. The blue and yellow are nicely combined to support each theme that a house has.

blue and yellow wall decor dzhjv

1. In number one, we are presented with a design of an artsy living room. In this room, we can see a semi-bohemian nuance through the furniture. The wall itself is fully covered with blue wallpaper and is beautified with a single long painting. The wall is well combined with the yellow sofa and a standing lamp.

blue and yellow wall decor fjdrtd

2. The number two, there is a triple bedroom. This bedroom seems addressed for the boys. This bedroom has the sailor concept, therefore the navy blue as the bed color here does work. The yellow color accompanies the navy blue very well.

blue and yellow wall decor jrhrt

3. In number three, we see a luxurious bedroom. This bedroom actually has the grey as the base color. The blue and yellow come in one through the furniture set. The decorations on the wall are really minimalist which is represented by a single painting.

blue and yellow wall decor rtsuu

4.  In number four, we see a fun bedroom of a kid. The color blue and yellow dominate almost all aspects in this bedroom like we find in bed, cupboard, desk, and chair.

blue and yellow wall decor sbrths

5. The next, we are again presented with the acute bedroom. This bedroom is filled with blue, yellow, and other colors. However, the most dominating colors are still blue and yellow, like we see on the wall.

blue and yellow wall decor sebyy

6. The next, in number six, we find a living room with the grey as the main color element. Interestingly, there are four gigantic curtains on the wall. All of them are having yellow and blue as the main colors.

blue and yellow wall decor shtaa

7. We see in this seventh picture, the bedroom is very lovable. The wall area is dominated with navy blue and white. The yellow color here is presented by the pillows, the bed cover, and two lamps.

blue and yellow wall decor srbth

8. The bedroom number eight has a very attractive wall decoration. The wall here is painted with the combinations of blue and grey. Interestingly, there is a yellow circle decoration on the blue wall.

blue and yellow wall decor thwhh

9. In number nine, we see that blue and yellow really dominate the whole bedroom. The blue is found on the wall, beds, and the cabinet. Then, yellow is found in the rug, lamp, and also the cabinet.

blue and yellow wall decor zergg

10. The last room design is very fresh with light blue and yellow. The wall, as well as the furniture, are found in blue and yellow.

Blue and yellow is in fact like we see are contrastive colors that suit each other. It means that other several colors may look fresh and harmonious when they are combined.

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