10+ Bed in Living Room Ideas

10+ Bed in Living Room Ideas – Bed in the living room isn’t often as the living room and dining room together. Bed in the living room is exceptional either for a very spacious bedroom or a very small house. For the first one of a bedroom inside the living room, the living room is the additional facility. For the second one, the bedroom and the living room share the same area since the house is very small. Both of them unexpectedly has so many interesting shapes.

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1.This balcony bedroom has a spacious room. This bedroom is designed classically beautiful. The colors and flowery decorations reflect beauty. The additional living room here is used for the owner to relax.

bed in living room ideas fghfd

2. For the typically small apartment or student house, every room is on a single floor. If you want to make the bedroom area is more private, the drapes will be such a nice solution. Yet, it also beautifies the house.

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3. This apartment design is very attractive. The bedroom is placed up with the curvy flooring. What makes it more interesting is the fence itself. Hence, this decoration gives additional space under the bed.

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4.Like the previous design, the bedroom is placed in the up level. The furniture provides the set of bedroom, work desk, and the cupboard in a compact design. This small apartment hence looks neat. This bed-cupboard-and work desk looks like a boat cabin.

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5. His house looks beautiful because the composition of colors is very nice. This house looks artistic also. What makes this house distinctive is the partition between the living room and bedroom. The doors are designed and polished vintage.

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6. This apartment is a bedroom and workroom-living room. Since the table is very long it is very multifunction also. The bedroom area is very simple with the partition only drapes. This side makes it like the boat bedroom design.

bed in living room ideas ghfhy

7. This one is also a type of student’s house. What makes this house looks so enjoyable is the living room corner. It’s a location that near the window allows the refreshing air in. This corner lets the owner relax doing hobby while the gentle breeze touches her/his face.

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8. This small apartment doesn’t get the owner sulky because it has such a beautiful decoration. The one that creates a highlight in this house is the bedroom that is housed in a glass wall. The gigantic candles in front of it are also stunning decorations.

bed in living room ideas yfhjy

9. The lamp above the bed is the extra of this small apartment. It is such a unique and aesthetic furniture. The living room and bedroom area are separated from a wheeled table. Overall this small apartment looks lovely.

bed in living room ideas ygrst

10. Although this house gathers several rooms in an area, it doesn’t look stuffy. It is because the house is presented in white. The white creates a spacious appearance for the house.

Living room and bedroom in a single place are very possible, whether the room is small or big. The sharing area like this makes us reach our creativity in decorating.

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