10+ Attractive Interior Designs of Small Houses

10+ Attractive Interior Designs of Small Houses – Who says that the small home cannot perform maximally? The small home is a pretty home when we can cleverly arrange the room and the decorations. The small home even can look unique because of its clever arrangement.  Everyone will surely think different when seeing these following pictures, let’s take a look.

small home interior design dfbsd

1. This apartment seems like has a common size of small apartment right? But the owner cleverly benefits the ceiling as the bedroom. The first floor is also maximized with a dining room and the living room for two. Every home function comes at once.

small home interior design dfdfb

2. As we see that this house is not wide or long at all. But it has the pretty design with the combination of a living room, dining room and the kitchen, and two additional rooms on one floor. The owner plays the trick by placing the furniture really close the wall, so there is a space in the middle.

small home interior design dfvda

3. The house in number three is like a cabin of a ship. This house is full of the element of wood. The most interesting corner in this house is the hanging sofa and the stairs that also used as the cabinet.

small home interior design dgbzn

4. It is clearly seen from the picture that this small house focuses on the living room as the main area. The living room here has the most interesting decoration and it is also functioned as the reading room.

small home interior design fgbsz

5. Having a small house means you have to maximize each floor as shown in this picture. Instead of place on the first floor, the living room is placed on the second floor. The corner of the stairs is also used as the place for drinking tea or just chatting and reading.

small home interior design fvbzc

6. To function all the area in this house maximally, the homeowner locates the first room as the dining room, kitchen, and the living room on the same floor. The most interesting side of this house is the mini stairs in the corner.

small home interior design gbsss

7. Even though this house is not wide, it wins on the length of the area. Therefore, the owner is still able to have a balcony in front of the living room.

small home interior design gbxfs

8. The owner of this house plays some trick to make the house looks more spacious. The living room is side to side with the work desk and the kitchen. While the dining activities can be done in the living room itself.

small home interior design tbaae

9. Although this house is not really wide, the owner uses the bright painting to create a wide impression. The partition between the living room and bedroom is a transparent glass to makes the area seems wider.

small home interior design xfbgf

10. Just like the house in number eight, this house combines living room as the dining room also. The kitchen also seems vague with its furniture that attaches to the wall.

It is proven that the small house doesn’t close the capability of presenting all room functions. As long as the owner cleverly arrange it, the small house can go perfectly.

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