10+ Attractive Designs of Colorful Living Room

10+ Attractive Designs of Colorful Living Room – Many artist homes have colorful decoration. The colorful decoration or design is indeed very attractive and creates a joyful vibe to the homeowners. Moreover, the colorful decoration is also loved by the kids. That’s why making your home to have the colorful decoration maybe is a good idea. And in this article, we are going to present several recommendations about the colorful living room.

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1. In this living room, even though the decorations and the furniture are really colorful, the living room still looks balanced. It is because the living room is balanced with the white nuance in the wall decoration. The most stunning is the blue sofa and its colorful cushions.

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2. The second living room looks very aesthetic because of the colorful yet ethnic room decoration. The ethnic nuance is gotten from the pattern of the sofa, curtain, and the wallpaper. The most attractive is, of course, the candy-like sofa.

colorful living room sets dfben

3. What’s your description of this living room? The sweet vibe is really felt in this living room. Moreover, the owner cleverly balances the colorful furniture and the decoration with the cream living room nuance. The green chairs and a blue sofa are very attractive.

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4. The owner of this house makes this sofa and its cushions as the main focus in this living room. Besides the sofa itself, the books in this living room also make this living room more colorful.

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5. The colorful furniture in this living room reminds us of the pop 70s vibe. The shape of the furniture, as well as the pattern of the wall, are really fun. In contrast, the ceiling curtain precisely gives bohemian look.

colorful living room sets fbzdg

6. This kitchen really looks like a Barbie house. The colorful design is not shown by the decoration, but more by the furniture and the wall design.

colorful living room sets fdgbz

7. This living room and dining room have colorful decoration, yet the colorful concept is dominated with the pink color. Even though the patterns are varied, the tones are still pink. The chairs of the dining room are also unique because of they more like the living room’s chair.

colorful living room sets fgnry

8. The girly vibe is really strong in this living room. Especially shown through the velvet pink sofa that is very huge. This sofa is completed with the contemporarily designed cushions. The rug of this living room also suits the sofa.

colorful living room sets gdbrs

9. Besides of colorful, this living room also combines several concepts of the furniture. The most attractive things in this living room are the curtain, the sofas, and the animal skin rug.

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10. Even though this living room has a colorful concept, generally, this living room looks soft because the colors are all in light shades. The patterned sofa in this living room has a pop vintage design.

The colorful design is really attractive, right? From some designs above, we understand that combining many colors together will not look too much if we can also create the balancer like the white wall painting.

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