10+ Animal Printed Wall Decorations

10+ Animal Printed Wall Decorations – The new year is near, are you ready to redecorate your house? Redecorating the house doesn’t necessarily to do, but some of us certainly make a certain agenda to re-beautify the house. Redecorating the house doesn’t have to remove the old concept and the furniture into new. But, you can rearrange some things or change the decoration. If you want to try something new, we recommend removing the old printed decoration with animal themed. Wanna try?

animal print wall decor  drnnx

1. This first decoration is the funny civet. This decoration has the background color that almost in the same tone with the wall. That’s why this decoration looks matte with the wall.

animal print wall decor  ethsh

2. In this second decoration, there is a painting of a cat. This painting is an important point in this living room as a whole. The colors that used in this painting goes really good with the living room nuance, accentuates the theme of moodiness.

animal print wall decor bfhhjh

3. Inarguably the pictures of animal are one of the kid’s favorites. Just like these pictures that do not only amusing and beautifying but also an attractive media of educating the kid. Although this playroom has a lazy mood, the printed decorations give the sense of more playful.

animal print wall decor brsty

4. With these three paintings, the theme of this living room gets stronger. These paintings are coming with the same theme, therefore the wall area looks even. The wall may look unorganized if each of them has a different theme.

animal print wall decor dbycgj

5. In number four, the animal printed decorations have a bunch of funny looks. They are very attractive since each frame is filled with different animals.

animal print wall decor drvjf

6. To celebrate the baby born, maybe you can try this idea. The cartoon of deer and the fox are placed between the name of the child. These decorations are framed in wooden frames which have authentic color.

animal print wall decor fgbbb

7. The number seven, there is a picture of the baby bear which bordered with black frame. The picture decoration doesn’t have to hang in the wall, you can just put it on the floor or on the desk like this.

animal print wall decor hntee

8. This zebra picture is a clever decoration for this monochromatic room. The picture and its color that are quite stunning make this decoration corner is attractive.

animal print wall decor sgbwb

9. In the decoration number nine, these animal decorations have funny look but moody tone. Its color does harmonious with the blue wall painting. The two of them are hung on the wall, yet two of them are just put on the floor.

animal print wall decor svthh

10. The last decoration is all about the cartoon. These funny bunny and ice cream are attractive decoration for a baby girl especially. The cute color is an interesting color for the girl kids.

What do you think? Does something come to your mind now? These animal decorations are absolutely an attractive option for decoration the kid’s room. But it doesn’t mean that the other room is not suitable for this kind of decoration. As long as the decoration and the wall go in the same mood, they are still a good partner.

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