10+ Amazing window frame wall decor

10+ Amazing window frame wall decor – There are many amazing decorations that you can make by yourself. The DIY tutorial is easy to find in many internet portals like Youtube or Instagram. If you have some unused things, maybe don’t be rushed to throw them away. Use your creativity to part them whether they can be used or not. For example, the old window frame, now many indie furniture designers use them as the decoration. Making your own decoration is not only save more, but you can make it whatever as you wish.

Window Frame Wall Decor bbbnh

1. These simple window frames are not wastes. If you hang them with rope and intentionally make them as the decoration, they’ll look beautiful.

Window Frame Wall Decor bbnml

2. A dull window frame is not dull anymore if you make it into something. put off the glass and leave it empty, the spiral leaves can be attached to them. You can also use the artificial plant for a longer period. Add some decoration like stars or during the Christmas, you can put some golden balls on it.

Window Frame Wall Decor bbvcc

3. Some window frames can also be used as the bed back. However, use the kind of old window without glass frame. You can paint them or just make the old window naturally unpainted.

Window Frame Wall Decor bbvcx

4. Window frames are also good spaces for photos. Instead of being painted, leave them dull makes them look more natural. Besides being a photo frame, the old window can also be used as the quote frame.

Window Frame Wall Decor bnhhj

5. An old window frame as the enhancement of the old memories is well presented in this decoration. Instead of put off the glass, the photos can be put on it. place monochromatic photos to make vintage vibe.

Window Frame Wall Decor ccxzc

6. For more youthful design, put some strings on the frame and hang some photos on them, don’t forget to give a picture frame or maybe artificial or real plants to make it looks fresh. As the beautifier and the lighting during the night, give it a yellow lamp like the Tumblr wall decoration.

window frame wall decor hnjhhj

7. In the old times, the window frame has half round on the upper part. For this design, the painted frame is better than the natural one to avoid over dull looks. An artificial circled plant makes the window frame is prettier.

Window Frame Wall Decor jjjggg

8. The window frame is also alternative of the hanging pot. In this picture, the under part of the frame is added with the pot, so you can plant or just put some artificial plants like this.

Window Frame Wall Decor nnbjn

9. Maybe you often see this wired window as the decoration in the bedroom. However, they are never boring. Their old look with the unused bottles even makes the overall look vintage. The old bottles are attached to the plants. They look fresh and beautiful.

Window Frame Wall Decor zzswe

10. A painted window frame can look new if you give some ornaments and paint them. for funnier looks of the window frame, you can try this one. this window frame is painted in blue and the additional ornaments in yellow, grey, and brown will be suitable for kid’s room.  

Right from now, don’t throw away any things that still can be used as the home decoration. In your spare time, search in the internet what kind of things you can make from the preloved things. Therefore, you can beautify your house with your own hand. It gives certain containment to yourself.

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