10+ Amazing Tuscan Wall Decor

10+ Amazing Tuscan Wall Decor – In every place that far from downtown surely still has their uniqueness architecture. Often it attracts tourist to come. In certain places, the natives’ house is even being the tourist attraction. Every unique design has its own history and philosophy. It’s different from the modern house that the architecture design stresses the functionality and the aesthetic. However, the traditional design is still applicable to the modern house. Here are a few of the examples.

Tuscan Wall Decor bbnmk

1.This mustard wall painting gets along very well with the ethnic European design of the room. Even the furniture is dominated with brownish that makes them harmonious with the light, curtain, and the wall. The outside view of the sea makes the warmth nuance in the inside.

Tuscan Wall Decor bnmkl

2.To get the traditional Tuscany vibes, the use of the natural stone is a good choice. Moreover, the edge of the stones that is uneven makes them look natural. The brick ceiling is also unique and harmonious with the stone wall. The outside view makes this traditional house looks very homely.

Tuscan Wall Decor bvcxv

3. It’s also a good idea to use the country view in a painting as the decoration. What you need is to enhance the concept of the house. So the decoration in related concept is better.

Tuscan Wall Decor ccvbn

4. As long as the wall painting is the soil color, it’s okay to match them with brownish furniture. Like this design, the furniture is dominated by brown, beige, and cream, but the grey wall is also beautiful for them. As a compliment, put big plants near the wall to make the room fresh.

Tuscan Wall Decor eeertt

5. The most suitable wall painting for the woody interior is absolutely cream or white. The cream wall painting like this gives a nuance of warmth for a traditional home concept.

Tuscan Wall Decor nnmkl

6. If you want to make an aspect of the room stands out, make it different from the others. Like this design, the natural stones are placed in the angle where people often face. The wall is also functioned very well as the shelf.

Tuscan Wall Decor qqwer

7. Different wallpaper is also applicable to a single room. Just like this, the brick wallpaper and another patterned wallpaper is side by side. Yet they’re still harmonious since they come from the same tone with the wooden floor.

Tuscan Wall Decor ttyui

8. Some people prefer to make the ceiling pattern is noisier. If it is the case, leaving the wall painting simple can balance the room’s overall look. Using patter for both ceiling and wall will make the room heavy.

Tuscan Wall Decor uuytg

9. A painted cloth that describes the environment also beautifies the room look. If in the picture there is a plant, you can place a real plant near the painting.

Tuscan Wall Decor vvbnm

10. You can also permanently paint the wall if there’s no plant of redecorating the room. Paint it with the concept that relates the room function. Just like this room that is functioned as the wine storage, the painting is also related to the plantation. So it will reflect the room’s character.

Bringing the Tuscany vibe in our house is a good idea. The Tuscany design is very suitable for a big home with big yard. This kind of home is usually the place where big family members gather to celebrate the new year or another special occasion. It is because the Tuscany design reminds us of how our ancestors lived.

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