10+ Amazing Sun Wall Decor

10+ Amazing Sun Wall Decor – There are many decorations in this world in which give some energy when we see them. For examples are plants, quotes, paintings, etc. Sometimes, an object like the sun that made into decoration also gives a certain atmosphere for the homeowner. Why don’t you try?

Sun Wall Decor bbnhjl

1. It is the simplest sun wall decoration. It has a circle in the middle and the lines that surround it. it is made from copper so it looks luxury. You can hang it in the living room or bedroom to create a warm atmosphere.

Sun Wall Decor hhhjh

2. This sun describes the beauty of twilight. It has ombre color from the dark navy on the tip of the light, then violet on the inner part, and orange as the middle part. It is also completed with the craving in the shape of the face. This fun sun can accompany your children in their room.

Sun Wall Decor nnnkk

3. This sun is actually the combination of sun, moon and the star. It has the moon and the star in the middle. It is very colorful since the painting for every aspect is in a different pattern. This sun is very cheerful to accompany the white wall painting.

Sun Wall Decor tttyg

4. It is also another copper sun wall decoration. The spiraling line makes the shape of the sun is unique. For this sun decoration, it is better to be placed in the wall that is in contrast with it.

Sun Wall Decor vvbnm

5. The sun number five is actually also a copper sun, yet it has the additional color of red and blue in the edge. The sun face is also 3D that makes it more dimensional.

Sun Wall Decor vvvcv

6. This sun has the unique circle part. The circle part resembles the planet and has a texture like the surface of the moon. Moreover, the circle part is colorful unlike the light part that is dominated by black.

Sun Wall Decor xxxcd

7. If you ever saw Greece film like the Great Julius Cesar, maybe the middle part of this sun reminds you to the shield that is usually used in the movie. This kind of pattern is usually identical to the Greece style.

Sun Wall Decor xxxcf

8. This is also a sun that comes together with the moon. However, they come in contrast to describe the sun and the moon in real life. The sun is painted in brown combined with orange, while the moon is in grey.

Sun Wall Decor yyuui

9. Maybe when you see the Tumblr decoration, there are many printed cloths as the room decoration like in this picture. The printed cloth isn’t only simple to treat but also gives such youthful look.

Sun Wall Decor zzzsa

10. It seems like the sun decoration will look more attractive with the craved face on it like in this picture. The sun looks fiercer with the strong color selection.

Sun is absolutely giving the strong vibe of power, so its decoration is hoped to make the house feels full of energy. Okay, those are some designs of sun wall decoration. Maybe you find more design out there. We hope that this article about sun decoration can give you some inspiration to create such a lively home.  

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