10+ Amazing Southwestern Wall Decor

10+ Amazing Southwestern Wall Decor – The southwestern decoration is popular with its unique and ethnics design. the decoration is strong with the nuance of Indian. Therefore, people from all around the world like the decoration to be put on their home. For a home with the traditional or country-side look, these decorations will support the interior very well. Here we have examples of southwestern decoration.

Southwestern Wall Decor bbhgy

1.This bull skull looks fierce, right? It has two strong horns and the under part of the horns, they are painted with blue and red triangle shapes. On the upper part of the skull, there is also an ornament in blue and brown, and in the middle, there is a natural stone in blue. The feathers at the ear parts make this decoration is so unique.

Southwestern Wall Decor bbvcx

2. This decoration looks like four hands are combined together. The color is copper and in the middle, there is a person plays the flute. This is a beautiful decoration for the living room.

Southwestern Wall Decor ccxvf

3. The round decoration really resembles the flower shape. It has brown, blue, grey, red, and yellow as the petal. The frame is still beautified with the shaped wires.

Southwestern Wall Decor eedsx

4. This decoration tells about the view. The sun is the prominent aspect of the decoration. The sunlight is described with the lines all over the place. What makes them unique is also the coloring. The animals and plants structure is also unique.

Southwestern Wall Decor mmklp

5. Maybe we have the same thoughts that Indian is identical with blue stone. This decoration is attached with the branch, so natural. It is also made from cloth with the natural painting on it.

Southwestern Wall Decor rrtyg

6. What makes this handler unique is the material. It is made from the animal horns. The color is very natural and it has the plaque that attaches them together. the plaque color is also harmonious with the horns.

Southwestern Wall Decor vvbghh

7. A lance decoration tells the life of Indians. This lance decoration has very traditional looks. The feathers in the under part have are pure animal feathers. They are well combined with the weaved cloth. The cactus under the lance decoration beautifies the room.

Southwestern Wall Decor vvcxzx

8. This rug describes the traditional aspect of the Indians. It doesn’t dominate with the brown color, yet it is dominated with the grey and black. And still, it is very beautiful. The rug itself doesn’t necessarily hang perfectly horizontally. It will good also to hang on sideways.

Southwestern Wall Decor xxdfg

9. The southwestern decoration is usually made by hand. Therefore, this weaved decoration looks original and authentic. You see in this picture, the motive is very creative. It looks simple yet surely the layperson will hardly make this.

Southwestern Wall Decor zxsdc

10. The southwestern decoration doesn’t necessarily the weaved cloth or made from natural material. If in the previous picture, we see the feathers, horns, weavings, the southwestern decoration can also be made in the form of painting. In this painting, it draws the richness of Indian’s cloth in different pattern. The girls look from back seems so real with them facing the view.  

The ethnic nuance in the southwestern decoration is aesthetic for the country-side or vintage home concept. The southwestern decoration has been the choice of our older generation as the the home beautifier and they never fail to make people admire.

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