10+ Amazing Round Wall Decor

10+ Amazing Round Wall Decor – When you are walking near the gallery or a beautiful thrift shop or antique shop, you may often find artistic things to décor your home. Mostly, something antique can be found in an unexpected place like them. what makes a decoration unique is if it is made different to the others. But here we will focus only on the round decoration. Why should be round decoration? Because round decoration is almost found in any home. So let’s check it out.

Round Wall Decor bnbnx

1. This plate-like round decoration is absolute looks feminine since its craved is flowery. This round decoration is unique because the outer and inner material of the plate is different. The outer part is made from the stone material, while the inner is made from wooden material.

Round Wall Decor ccnmn

2. Still in the same concept as the first picture. This plate is also a flowery concept. However, it has a mirror in the middle, so it’s more functional. The more functional round decoration like this should be put in the place where people often go in.

Round Wall Decor ccxxc

3. A big frame round decoration like this is suitable to be put in the place where the furniture is not too full. The design is also good for traditional or ethnic concept interior. Even the gothic interior can be more beautiful with this round decoration.

Round Wall Decor ddfgh

4.This decoration looks like sea urchin but being flattened, right? The owner maker is so creative. This decoration is flexible for any room concept. And if you have a sea theme of the room, it will be better because this decoration will enhance the concept.

Round Wall Decor fgfgd

5. What makes this round decoration is unique is the colorful glass that surrounds the main circle in the middle. Since the size is quite big, don’t put much decoration near it or put nothing at all, so this decoration will stand out.

Round Wall Decor hjkll

6. Have you seen decoration placed in the gate or front door? Maybe if you haven’t tried this, you can have it as an experiment. You will be amazed because it looks beautiful when the Halloween or Christmas comes, they will support the seasonal decoration.

Round Wall Decor kkkkl

7. This round decoration maybe has the most probability to be made by yourself. you just need to collect the branches and cut them in the same proportions. Make a structure like this by sticking them using glue.

Round Wall Decor uuiyh

8. This round decoration is also possible to make. You just need a wire or anything in metal and shape them like a circle and for the yarn, you can make it by yourself or buy from someone. It’s simple yet artistic decoration.

Round Wall Decor xcxcx

9. If you search in the antique shop, you may often find decoration made from the sea inanimate objects like shell or fish scales. They can be very pretty decoration like this mirrored round decoration.

Round Wall Decor zzxdf

10. This string round decoration is not very pretty, but you can use it creatively to hang something. Have you seen strings like this as the place for earring or glasses? Maybe you can try this idea.

The  round shape decoration is inarguably never left in any home décor. Because it is easy to find and suitable for any corner of the house. Sometimes, like some decoration above, you can make them by yourself, so it is also save more money.

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