10+ Amazing Owl Wall Decor

10+ Amazing Owl Wall Decor – The owl is one of the animals that people often use in many objects. The prominent aspect that makes owl interesting is their eyes and feathers. Therefore, you can find an owl in watch, books, alarm clock, and another common thing is wallpaper. People find it cute and unique, and here we have several owl decorations.

Owl Wall Decor bbbhj

1. If usually owl is black or grey, here we have a yellow owl. The owl can be presented cheerfully just like in this picture to make your room looks alive. Furthermore, it will be more fun if you have kids in your house. This owl deco also represents that the owner is fun.

Owl Wall Decor bbbhj

2. And here we have an ethnic owl. What makes it looks ethnic is the material and the design itself. The wooden material looks traditional and the pattern on the owl’s head makes it more unique. The heart shape on the stomach also makes this owl thing different than others.

Owl Wall Decor hhhjj

3. An owl is identical with night, therefore owl decoration can be a good option to decorate your kids’ room. Colorful owl with the colorful tree is very cheerful and appropriate for kids under 10. To make the decoration more varied, other animals like a pig can be placed on the wall that nearest with the floor.

Owl Wall Decor hhjkk

4. For more neat appearance, the decoration can be in the form of a frame. Just like this picture, the owl doesn’t come together. The rabbit and the fox come parallel with the owl. Making them in the same tone is a good idea, so they will look in harmony with wall painting.

Owl Wall Decor kklo

5. l Maybe this handler can add the cuteness in your house. The handler in the shape of an owl and the leaves are suitable to be placed near the door or in the kid’s room. The handler is also functional since it has more than 3 branches.


Owl Wall Decor nnjio

6. To accompany your monochromatic house, you can choose this owl decoration. It is simple and the color is matched with the grey wall. Even if you have other wall colors like white, brown, red, green, or anything, it is still appropriate since it has a neutral color.

Owl Wall Decor nnmkk

7. To make your room looks wide, the owl with the branch can be an option. The owls can also be put right on the furniture border. So it looks like the owls are standing on the furniture.

Owl Wall Decor vvcxd

8. The owl paintings look fierce and makes your room’s impression is mature and strong. What makes it more unique is the paintings are parted in three. The color paintings also support the wall painting and the sofa very well.

Owl Wall Decor vvcxd

9. A tree is always a perfect companion for owl decoration. The impression will look beautiful if you put the tree and owl décor near the sofa or chair.

Owl Wall Decor zzser

10. A monochromatic vibe in a room will be enhanced if the decoration is also monochrome. Like this super big owl stands on the dream catcher. The big dream catcher like this also stresses the concept of the modern bohemian room.  

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