10+ Amazing Music Wall Decor

10+ Amazing Music Wall Decor – Music is very familiar with us. It cannot be separated from our life any single day. We can see our familiarity with music through anything, our narration, from pictures, from objects, everywhere. Just like what we are going to talk about. Yes, we are going to talk about music as the wall decoration. All you imagine is true, it is about musical symbols and anything related, so please check these below.

Music Wall Decor ffgty

1. Music picture can be a fun wall decoration for the children’s playroom. This wall design is very simple, with the white background, black wall decoration is enough. Unlike the wall part, the floor part is more cheerful. The floor rug is as colorful as the kids’ toys.

Music Wall Decor gggff

2. In this picture, the music wall decoration expresses certain message. It is put in the place where people often access. The black quote looks pretty with the tosca wall painting and the flower and also cabinet.

Music Wall Decor gghjj

3. Although music related thing seems unrelated to kitchen things, the design in this picture matches well, right? Yes, you don’t have to match everything for your home. Sometimes, contrastive things like his make the nuanced look lively.

Music Wall Decor kkjoo

4. In this picture, the music notes go along very well with the room decoration. It has the brown color, as well as the wall painting and the furniture. If you don’t want to take any risk, you can play a  trick like this.

Music Wall Decor llopi

5. A bedroom is a room in a house that reflects the must what kind of person the owner is. like in this picture, the owner should be like music very much or he/she works with music. The guitar as the background behind her/his bed looks contrast with the wall painting yet still beautiful.

Music Wall Decor nnnjk

6. If you look more detail, this is not a painting. Yet, this is a printed picture that is parted in some and made as the wall decoration. The color of the picture is really matched with the bed and the blanket color.

Music Wall Decor tttyu

7. Just like in the third picture, although the dining room function is contrastive to the musical things, this piano picture goes along really well with the room’s nuance. The piano painting looks vintage so it is suitable for other furniture like a cupboard.

Music Wall Decor ttyuu

8. This music wall decoration tends to the modern decoration. Therefore, it goes beautifully with the sofa, standing lamp, and the wall painting.

Music Wall Decor xxcvf

9. The same painting that is parted together can be an alternative for simpler wall decoration. You don’t have to purchase in more various decoration, you will have more than one with the same atmosphere.


Music Wall Decor xxxcc

10. This decoration is quite unique, the musical note is brought with the butterfly. I go horizontally so matches with the sofa.

Those are some interesting music decoration. As you have read, they are quite flexible to be out anywhere. If you are brave enough, you can put the music wall decoration in the bathroom. It seems crazy, but interesting though.  

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