10+ Amazing Men Wall Decor

10+ Amazing Men Wall Decor – Wall decoration is arranged for the character of the owner. Sometimes in a house, from a room to another, they have different concept and decorations. It’s okay, no one will tell you to make all same. Indeed, a room interior should present the function of the room. Like in the bathroom, for example, the decoration can be in the form of glass painting, with the picture of a waterfall on it, etc. but now, we will only focus on the bedroom of men.

Mens Wall Decor bbvcg

1. Many of the men like monochromatic color, even though not all of them. But if you are one of them, you can see this design. The owner doesn’t use the real brick, yet he just uses the wallpaper. It is beautiful though because the room looks bigger. With the framed pictures and quotes on the wall, they show how much the owner loves monochrome.

Mens Wall Decor ccfty

2. This decoration is for you who like functioning the wall. You can use the wall as the wardrobe place and cover it with super big mirror. As additional part, add some bookshelves on the side. On the other side of the wall, you can add some paintings in parallel.

Mens Wall Decor ccvgf

3. For an older man, maybe what you want is a mature design. So, here’s the choice. A wooden gigantic plaque can reflect that the room should be calm and relaxing. It is simple but the shape is unique though.


Mens Wall Decor gghyg

4. The more artistic man usually like to show his creations in the house. Then, why don’t you try this one? Hanging some your own or purchased paintings above the bed is good. And put some also on the floor. The undone bricks as the wall look beautiful combined with paintings.

Mens Wall Decor kkoik

5. If you like contrasting the room concept, you may try this one. The furniture may look vintage, but the wall painting and the photos are contemporary. This is a perfect combination of two different concepts.

Mens Wall Decor mmkjl

6. The brick wall is very popular among us, right? It is almost anywhere. Yes, its natural vibe is easy to be put anywhere. If you prefer a more powerful design, this design looks cool. A big star is quite manly for the overall room.

Mens Wall Decor mmklp

7. Do you kind of easy to wake in the morning? Maybe this can be a solution. An ultra big alarm clock will remind you anytime you’re in the room to not be late. It ’s enhanced with the quote that is very big enough to see beside it.

Mens Wall Decor nnmjk

8. The painting never fails to decorate a room. Where to put them? Anywhere. Even the big one is appropriate to be placed to fill the empty wall.

Mens Wall Decor nnmkl

9. If you want to make your decoration stays classy, you don’t need much on the wall. Instead of painting or picture decoration, you can place lamps, mirror, and a single painting.

Mens Wall Decor pplkl

10. One key to making the wall stands out in the room, it has contrastive color with the bed. when they are contrasted, the wall painting will look more obvious.

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