10+ Amazing Love Wall Decor

10+ Amazing Love Wall – Home is a place where people can rest and share the love with the beloved ones. Therefore, a home is always designed as comfortable as it can so people tend to spend more time there. Many houses now are decorated with quotes to express the messages from the owner. Here we have some examples of them.

Love Wall Decor bbvcx

1.The cupid bows act as the partition for each letter of l-o-v-e. This design impresses girly vibes. The pink chair and a small flower support the wall décor.

Love Wall Decor ccdfg

2. Some people really love their pets. If you are one of them, you can try this decoration. The owner expresses his/her love for cats by sticking cat sticker together with the quotes.

Love Wall Decor ccxzf

3. If you want your home looks like a photo studio, you may try this. The size of the love quote is very big and there is a sofa under it. The sofa in the corner matches well with the curtain and the wall painting.

Love Wall Decor ccxzs

4. The love decoration is commonly put above the cabinet, so they will make an interesting corner. The lamp beside love décor in this picture will beautify the quote at night.

Love Wall Decor hhhjg

5. Sometimes, quote as the wall décor is more preferable because they need less treatment. Unlike the photos or framed decoration, the décor like in this picture is already able to substitute the wall décor function.

Love Wall Decor nnbvc

6. As we said before that home décor delivers the messages of the owner. Like this design, the owner wants a home as a warming place for family. Therefore, this message also expresses the message to other family members to fully living.

Love Wall Decor ssdre

7. You will absolutely agree with us that the love decoration is suitable for couple room. You can either put the quote décor in front of the bed or above the bed. Or any empty place on the wall is still suitable as long as the quote relates to the room function.

Love Wall Decor tttry

8. To make a corner looks more attractive, you can give a decoration there. The sometimes unused corner is left as it is, but actually, every corner of the house can look interesting if we create something there. Like this design, the quote is accompanied by wooden and plant decoration.

Love Wall Decor vvbghf

9. One of the perfect comp[anion for love wall décor is the flower. This love wall décor is made from metal so it’s quite stand out and don’t need any other decorations.

Love Wall Decor yyuio

10. For more passionate look, maybe a longer love wall décor can be an option. Like this decoration, the word love is in a contrast with the other phrases. It is also the best to be put on the above of the bed.

Those are some examples of love wall decoration. You can find more out there in the furniture showrooms or others. Please before you purchase a decoration, consider where you’ll put it on. Furthermore, think about the wall space and orientation so you can imagine whether you’ll put it horizontally or vertically.  

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