10+ Amazing Large Living Room Wall Decor

10+ Amazing Large Living Room Wall Decor – Having a spacious room sometimes makes us unsure what we’re going to do with it. The best way to make it doesn’t look empty is to decorate it with a big decoration also. You need to be smart in selecting and arranging the decoration. For example, when the wall orientation is more to its highness, you should choose vertical decoration. Meanwhile, if the wall orientation is its wideness, you should choose horizontal decoration. However, the most neutral decoration for any wall orientation is super big square decoration.

Large Living Room Wall Decor bbnmm

1. A high wall doesn’t arguably make us thinking what we gonna do with this. Maybe you can try the convex mirror like this picture. What makes this mirror beautiful is its design that similar to the sun. 

Large Living Room Wall Decor bbnmx

2. The painting is almost never left in any wall décor, right? Just like this painting that similar but not the same. Its color is also in the same harmony with the pillowcase. So, even if the room is monochromatic, it’s a bit cheerful thanks to the painting.

Large Living Room Wall Decor ccvbb

3. For the European interior design, the best way to decorate the wall is by naturalist decoration. Like this white tree wallpaper. It is so beautiful with the grey background behind.

Large Living Room Wall Decor ddffg

4. Sometimes the best rule to make something looks artistic is just letting it be. Like this painting that you don’t need to hang anywhere. You will be easier to care it also.

Large Living Room Wall Decor gghhj

5. Do you love simple design yet don’t want to make it too simple? I think this can be a solution. put some pictures that still synchronize together in a point. And add a simple shelf on the other point, done.

Large Living Room Wall Decor gghjk

6.  If you’re just into pop art, congratulations. There are many pop decorations. Even you can make it by yourself from some colorful paper arranged together. make some and place them in the living room, beautiful.

Large Living Room Wall Decor oopiu

7. Some people prefer to spend the spare time just staying home. I suggest you, to put some paintings near the bookshelf, so it won’t look boring. To make it more interesting, you can put side by side two paintings in a different theme.

Large Living Room Wall Decor qqerty

8. One of the good places to hunt decoration furniture is the thrift shop. There you can find a big greenish painting like in the picture. Or even you can find the wire thing to stick the note.

Large Living Room Wall Decor ttyuy

9. We’ve said before that you need to select the decoration according to the wall orientation. Remember also that bright background in the decoration makes the wall looks wider or higher.

Large Living Room Wall Decor vbnmm

10. The monochromatic room will not plain if you smartly combine it with artistic decoration. Leave some photos on the cabinet instead of hanging it on the wall. Then, as an additional decoration, you can place a wire framework near it and standing lamp in the same color.

Take a note that decorating a room doesn’t always need pricy things. You can find amazing decoration in a thrift shop or make it by yourself.

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