10+ Amazing Feather Wall Decor

10+ Amazing Feather Wall Decor – These recent years, the feather shape has been popular since the trend of the dream catcher and southwestern decoration. Whether it is presented in single or together in a group, there are many interesting things in the shape of a feather. Many people also use the feather shape in their wall decoration like these:

Feather Wall Decor bbbnn

1. This home is designed in monochrome. The feather wall decoration is placed in the border between a room to another, this is also a good option. Therefore, it can be a sign of different functions of the rooms.

Feather Wall Decor bbbvc

2. Instead of the common feather, this peacock feather really beautifies the living room. Its color is vibrant and prominent from the other walls. It makes this room also the most prominent one.

Feather Wall Decor cccvv

3. Looking at the picture, the feather above the hand washer is a good idea.   The color of the feather comes naturally match with the hand washer. With a bit touch of the golden color, this feather decoration looks glamorous.

Feather Wall Decor ccvvv

4. It’s undeniable that dream catcher is used in many youths’ room especially, as the wall decoration. Some people even believe that dream catcher can seal their bad dreams. Whatever the function, this dream catcher has many feathers so it will look beautiful if you hang it above the bed.

Feather Wall Decor erere

5. These golden big feathers are matched with the other decorations. There are other golden decorations in the shape of the cat, person, and a bowl. The golden color also stands out because the furniture and the wall painting are in grey.

Feather Wall Decor ccvvv

6. This is a big feather decoration. It has golden, brown, and silver color that is still in the same tone. The feather is placed above the chair near the standing lamp and flowers. The overall look of them is very beautiful for a corner place.

Feather Wall Decor mmmnn

7. These framed feathers are a solution if you want easier care decorations. These feathers differ in color, yet they are still suitable with the sofa color because of one of them also in the same color with sofa.

Feather Wall Decor vvbnn

8. Now many millennials like to design their bedroom in vintage. Just like this room design, the feathers decoration still go along well with the vintage look furniture because the feather decoration looks ethnic.

Feather Wall Decor wwwss

9. Sometimes a kitchen or dining room is the less room to be decorated. People often left them plain. However, make the kitchen decoration a bit noisy is okay. Like this picture, the feather decorates the upper part of the dining room.

Feather Wall Decor xzxzx

10. The feathers with the same tone with the overall room will make your interior looks matte. In this picture, the feathers color is the same as the sofa color and the wall painting. For more modern looks, these feathers in silver, blue, and grey will be a big hit.

The feathers decoration is very easy to find just like the quote decoration. The modern furniture showroom usually sells them in any size and design. This kind of decoration is also quite flexible for any room.  

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