10+ Amazing Decorative Wall Mirrors

10+ Amazing Decorative Wall Mirrors – More than expected, mirror functions are more incredible than just to reflect the objects. A mirror can make your room looks more spacious, so people often benefit mirror as an optical illusion. Moreover, now in the era of Instagram, people tend to take a selfie in front of it because it gives certain aesthetics. So we now offer you some unique mirrors to decorate your sweet homes.

Decorative Wall Mirror bbnnx

1.  For classical vibes, the oval-shaped mirror is always on point. When you see European mid-era movie, the mirror rounded with craved decoration will always appear in the movie. It is not only beautiful but also looks classy.

Decorative Wall Mirror bbnvm

2. The modern look for your home will be represented with this 3D mirror. It’s square-shaped also fit for modern concept interior that dominated with rectangular shapes.

Decorative Wall Mirror hhjji

3. For a modern apartment, you can be more creative with this round shape mirror. Instead of letting it be, the flower-like frame will balance the overall room decoration that is dominated with rectangular shapes.

Decorative Wall Mirror hhjkl

4. This super big mirror will give you double function as the reflector itself and the wardrobe cover. Now more people like to place a super big mirror in their bedroom. It does not only make your room looks beautiful but also functional.

Decorative Wall Mirror llppi

5. This sticky note-like-mirror is very unique to give such an artistic accent in your room. This mirror will give its most aesthetics if you place it in the bedroom or workplace.

Decorative Wall Mirror qqwer

6. The asymmetrical mirror can be an alternative if you want to show off a certain point. You don’t have to hang it parallel with the view, make it higher like above the fireplace is also amazing.

Decorative Wall Mirror ttyyr

7.This is another option for classical and countryside look of a mirror. You can place a rectangular mirror in the place where people often pass through. Don’t forget to match the frame with the wall color so they will look in harmony.

Decorative Wall Mirror uuiiw

8. If you have a sense of art, maybe you can have these as your home decoration. These mirrors in leaf and flower shapes certainly are the most unique. However, remember to make it possible you have to give more space on the wall.

Decorative Wall Mirror zzxcv

9. For a interior with the semi-modern and traditional look, you can choose this fan-shaped mirror. It is a good balancer for a room that already has many items of furniture. And take a note that you have to consider its size so the room won’t look heavy.

Decorative Wall Mirror zzxxs

10. Almost like the mirror in picture 5, however, this one has a smaller size.  So it will be very nice for a smaller room. Hang it horizontally so the room will look more spacious. Make sure you place it parallel with interesting furniture so it will be the point of interest.

Those are amazing wall mirror that we can recommend. Choose one that can make your room looks nicer. It doesn’t need to be the big one, but hang one that can balance the room’s overall look.

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