10+ Amazing Decorative Wall Candle Holders

10+ Amazing Decorative Wall Candle Holders –  These days people rarely use the candle to light the room during an emergency. Mostly the candles are just part of the decoration. Even some of us use the scented candle to relax the mind, they hang it everywhere in the corners of the house so their house will stay fragrant anytime. If you are considering to give some scented candles or any candles in your house, these candle holder design will surely inspire you.

Decorative Wall Candle Holders bbnvn
1. To make it more stunning than the wall background, you can use the colored candle. So people will easily notice that you hang candle in your home. Hanging them asymmetrically is also a good idea. Put two in corners of the houses to make it doesn’t look empty.

Decorative Wall Candle Holders ccvbx
2.This craved candle holder is very unique in detail. Its shape is like opened paper roll with the candle on the tip of it. Using the tiny candles is better than the big one.

Decorative Wall Candle Holders ghgfg
3.The mirror candle holder is also very aesthetic, especially when you light them in the dark room. The mirror will give more function to reflect the light all over the room.

Decorative Wall Candle Holders jkjhj
4. What makes this candle holder is very unique is the patterned holder itself. The shape is like the ancient glass and the overall holder also looks vintage.

Decorative Wall Candle Holders mkmop
5. This modern design candle holder is very simple. Maybe this one is easy to make. The candle place is like ordinary glass and it looks classy with the black color. You can have them with more than two holders together.

Decorative Wall Candle Holders nnjkl
6. If you want more modern candle holder, this metallic is really the one. its design is simple right? When the candle melted, it can shape like a stalactite in a cave since it has no candle place.

Decorative Wall Candle Holders nnmnb
7. The Greece style candle holder is very suitable for European style house. However, this candle holder will be suitable also for the Arabian home interior.

Decorative Wall Candle Holders oopiu
8. A single candle holder is better to be placed in the bedroom. So, when you’re so lazy using the lamp, you can light this on. The simple design will be very pretty for the girl room or for a person who likes classical music.

Decorative Wall Candle Holders uuiokj
9. This candle holder has a simpler craving than the second one. However, its size is bigger so it’s better to put in the bigger room like the living room or in a corridor. You can also put this at the end of the stairs.

Decorative Wall Candle Holders wwert
10. The candle holder will be very beautiful to be put in bohemian style room. Don’t you think so? this candle holder with the scented candle in yellow is very perfect for the bohemian bathroom.

Candle holder now is used for the scented candle mostly. Grouping them in two is also a new style for such bigger room. Hence, they will easier to notice. Put them in the place like corridor, living room, bedroom, or even bathroom. So, they will add the aesthetics of your interior.

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