10+ Amazing Contemporary Wall Decor

10+ Amazing Contemporary Wall Decor – When someone enters your room and stand for a while admiring your home interior, don’t you feel proud? Moreover, if you’re the one who designs the interior itself, it gives the satisfaction. After you decide what the theme for the interior, you should give some space for the wall décor. Here are some recommendations for each room theme.

Contemporary Wall Decor aaszs

1. For this monochromatic room, the colorful decoration is better than making it also monochrome. Why is it so? Because all monochrome will just make it looks less initiative. Therefore, you still be able to make the background monochrome yet the picture is colorful.

Contemporary Wall Decor bbjkl

2. The good thing if you decide to make your room a bit colorful is, you can give more color to your wall décor just like this. Since the background drawing and the pillowcase are already in blue, you can easier balance them with the white room.

Contemporary Wall Decor bbnmn

3. Maybe a just square picture is boring, then why don’t make it more creative? If you have more time, hunt for the wall décor in various shapes and build them in a certain structure like this. It is also easier if you search for them in the same color.

Contemporary Wall Decor bbvvb

4. Sometimes decorating your house is simpler than you think. Just like stick the photos randomly on the wall like this.

Contemporary Wall Decor dddfe

5. This is also a way of decorating the wall with only the creativity. All you need are the arts you’ve made and place them on the shelf or towel hanger. Or maybe you can hang your kids’ craft there.

Contemporary Wall Decor eerrt

6. The wood wall decoration is forever matched for a wooden floor. They are perfect harmony for the simple monochromatic room. One more, give some accent with plants and a standing lamp. So when the lights on, its plants and the 3D textures will stand out.

Contemporary Wall Decor ggghj

7. Do you want to try this unstructured décor? I think it’s a good idea since this unstructured one is very unique. Make sure you place it in the living room so everyone can admire it. since it is already colorful, better for you to make the wall painting simple.

Contemporary Wall Decor uiuii

8. Paintings decoration will never fail to amuse your eyes. Whatever the theme is, the paintings will be a beautiful support for the room. Remember to purchase paintings with color match t your room.

Contemporary Wall Decor vvccx

9. This is also proof that the colorful painting is everything. When you have no idea for your monochrome house, just buy anything colorful for your wall and it will never disappoint the owner.

Contemporary Wall Decor yyuui

10. The vertical lining in this decoration befriends well with the sofa and the floor pattern. Its brown color gets well with sofa, rug, and the other furniture. While the vertical lining can enhance the floor lining so it won’t be faded.

Those are our recommendations for wall décor. You can benefit one of them to your beautiful house. Take a note to make the wall decoration and the wall painting is the balance. If not, you will just ruin the room concept.

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