10+ Amazing Bar Wall Decor

10+ Amazing Bar Wall Decor – he design of wall décor should be well matched with the bar concept itself. Mostly the bar concept is designed to make the nuance of intimacy, so people can spend more time there. A bar’s function is varied. Therefore, a bar that has a concept of reflecting the intimacy and flexibility can have more people. Here are a quite popular bar wall décor that can attract the customers.

Bar Wall Decor bbhju

1. Combining natural stone with the wooden wall decoration is a good idea. It can create a relaxing atmosphere. Moreover, the wooden wall is blending with the bottles and the chairs.

Bar Wall Decor bbnnm

2. Look at this Greece design, it looks very beautiful, right? The lamp holder in the shape of the flower also beautifully reflects the yellow light. Stands out design like this can look very romantic if the color selection is dominated with yellow and dim light. Moreover, look at the ceiling painting, the owner really creates a story in the bar.

Bar Wall Decor ccvxz

3.For a modern city bar, we can use the city view as the asset. Like in this picture, the outside view of the bar is a significant aspect to present what kind of bar this is. it doesn’t need much artificial light, the light from the outside in the day is enough.

Bar Wall Decor lllkpp

4.If you want your bar to be fun and noisy, you can add many TVs there. It brings intimacy even among people who don’t know each other. People can talk about what’s going on while enjoying beverages. The brick wall also well sublimes with the furniture. Such a perfect.

Bar Wall Decor nnbbm

5. An old-style bar can look attractive if you can present the concept well. Like this wooden wall that is well combined with the dull glass. The bar table is also unique in a vintage style

Bar Wall Decor nnjii

6. Brown wall and the leathered wall is absolutely the representation of a luxury bar. Just add some dim light to make it perfect.

Bar Wall Decor saddf

7. Some bar prefers to use vibrant color for the interior. However, don’t use it as the wall décor. For the wall, use soil color like patterned grey. The vibrant color is better to use for the furniture.

Bar Wall Decor vvvcvv

8. The well-formed shelf can be functioned as the wall décor also. Just like in this bar, the wooden shelf for bottles and writing is made in triangles shape. It is not only unique but also functional.

Bar Wall Decor vvvcxx

9. A plain wall décor is actually cannot be wasted. To decorate the wall, this bar has several shelves for bottles. So the wall doesn’t look plain anymore.

Bar Wall Decor zzxcd

10. A labyrinth wall decoration is a creative idea. Instead of making ordinary shelves, the labyrinth-like shelves is outstanding. It is not only beautifier of the room but also things keeper.

The bar wall decoration is dominated by a dark color to give such luxury vibes. To make such an intimacy nuance, the light is the key. Minimum lighting is everything in the bar. So, which bar design do you like?

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