10+ Amazing Antler Wall Decor

10+ Amazing Antler Wall Decor – The antler has been known as the home decoration for many years ago. What makes people are interested in antler is its unique shape. Moreover, many of us collect antler in many shapes. They are different from other home decoration because it is gotten from a natural resource. The antler as a decoration is often related to a country-side home concept or Indian concept. Many people even imported the antler to get the specific form. Below we have some unique antlers and they are quite functional.

Antler Wall Decor jjklo

1. This medium length antler is completed with a plaque. Since it is not that big, this antler is appropriate to hang in the entrance. So it will reflect what the interior concept is in the inside.

Antler Wall Decor jjklp

2.The antler can also be used as the hanger for candle handler. It can be useful for even 4 or 5 candle handler, yet it only if the antler is in the horizontal direction. They will look very beautiful to be put in the living room or corridor.

Antler Wall Decor llpop

3.An artificial antler is usually being an alternative for the real one because sometimes we found the regulation not to sell or purchase the antler. However, it doesn’t minus the aesthetic of the antler itself. It still fulls its function as the home beautifier.

Antler Wall Decor mmklo

4.If you have found someone in his or her home having antler skull, what’s on your mind? Maybe the first thing is that it looks a bit creepy. But for some of us who really like creepiness, that is really beautiful.

Antler Wall Decor mmklp

5.An antler with the wood plaque is very unique because it is like having a double skull. You can put this one to a place where the guests usually gather.

Antler Wall Decor mnjk

6.This one is also one of the most unique antlers. Why is it so? Because it has a very simple shape and rarely found. For this simple antler, it is still safe to hang it in the more private room like a bedroom.

Antler Wall Decor qqwer

7. A super big antler is better to put in the living room or kitchen. Why does it so? Because putting aesthetic aspect in a place where people gather will make the decoration more interesting.

Antler Wall Decor uuiop

8.A big antler with a big skull is the creepy one. Since it is very unique, you can put it on the living room or balcony. Put them near the open space is also a good option.

Antler Wall Decor wwers

9.Sometimes, to make a decoration looks different, you can modify it a bit. Like this antler, if the natural color is boring, you can paint them white or others.

Antler Wall Decor zxcds

10.Maybe this is another safe antler for any room. The color is already in white, so you can place it anywhere because it doesn’t really look intimidating. Even you can place this above your bed.10

The antler is a unique decoration for the home. Although it may look fierce, actually an antler is quite flexible. You can put them in the entrance door, living room, corridor, balcony, or even in the bedroom.

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